Corporate social responsibility is important to us at Plasticbottles.co.uk. Why? Because we do not believe we have inherited the earth from previous generations, but that we have it on loan for the generations to come. Consequently, that responsibility cannot be passed on or ignored.

We strive to be as sustainable as we can at Plasticbottles.co.uk. That means being sustainable not just with the big things but the small things as well. After all, it is often the little things that take the least time, money and trouble to put right.

In concrete terms this means:

● We use sustainable products and solutions whenever possible. For example, our office and warehouse are powered by green electricity, we drink fair trade coffee and we use recycled workwear, stationery and – for a part – recycled office furniture. Furthermore, we have opted for recycled roofing felt.
● Our company vehicles are already partly A-label models.
● Our computer network is virtually hosted so that we no longer need to run our own servers.
● We are actively engaged in testing recycled plastics and bio-plastics, with a view to changing over to these sustainable options whenever possible.
● We support Plastic Hero as a platform that facilitates the recycling of plastics.
● We started using our new distribution centre at the end of 2012, allowing us to keep our stocks at one central location.
● Our choice for the northern Netherlands (Groningen) as the location of our new warehouse was a conscious one given the economic advantages offered by the region such as low land prices. There is a plentiful supply of labour and our establishment there has allowed us to create employment in the region.
● In 2013 we will start our employment participation project “Experience” (enterprising, socially involved) whereby we offer day activity and re-integration opportunities.
● We sponsor a number of charities such as WSPA, WWF and other projects.